Since graduating art school in 2010, I’ve been working as a writer and an illustrator. I’m interested in all things humourous, joyful, and magical. I love creating characters and using them to explore deep and meaningful themes such as life, death, and all the bits in between. I feel guilty when my characters have to go through traumatic situations, but it’s all an important part of their development!

-I Love Moo

‘I Love Moo’ is a range of illustrations based on my love for our cat Moo. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to raise enough money to donate a percentage of proceeds to various cat charities. I’m currently developing ideas to make this goal possible! In the meantime, please enjoy the illustrations on my blog and various social networking sites. Prints and other products are now available on my Society6 page.

-Baron Von Superhero and other books

I’ve currently been working on a series of comics with illustrator, David Hurtado. These comics will be available through Etsy as soon as they actually exist within the physical realm. I’m also in the process of getting some of my other books published. Watch this space!

-Multi-Dimensional Healing

My partner and I have set up a business for alternative therapy from our home in Norwich. Visit our website for more information!

-Other Links

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-Say Hello

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All images copyright 2019 – Daniel Saunders

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    Long overdue; Thanks for following my blog 🙂

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