Books for sale!


Hello folks! I’ve just launched an Etsy store for my self-published books! Click here to check it out… There are three books currently available, including ‘Baron Von Superhero’, ‘Babykittens Tiny Horse’, and ‘The Adventures of Computerman’.

Also, you won’t just be buying a book… If you enjoy my comics, this is a neat way to support me and the work I do. All the money raised through sales will go towards keeping me alive and the production of new and exciting things!

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City of Literature Weekend: The world as we might make it

Here are some illustrations I did for the “City of Literature Weekend”. (As part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.) The event, hosted by The Writers’ Centre Norwich, was a series of talks exploring ideas ranging from the cutting edge of neuroscience to unimaginable stories of human perseverance….


The End of Alchemy with Mervyn King and Charles Clarke’

“Mervyn King was Governor of the Bank of England from 2003 to 2013, when the global financial crisis hit and started its recovery. Reading from The End of Alchemy, King examines what went wrong and why and what needs to be done to make a more stable future.

My response: It quickly became clear that a global economy based on constant growth was a time bomb. A financial crisis was inevitable. Perhaps of all the variables, human nature was the most terrifying. People are often irrational and likely to panic in times of uncertainty. I’ve tried to express this idea with a depiction of three people trapped on a desert island with very limited resources…


‘Free Speech in an Interconnected World with Timothy Garton Ash’

“Timothy Garton Ash is a University of Oxford Professor, Guardian columnist and author of nine books of political writing. Free Speech: Ten Principles For a Connected World, argues that the way to achieve combined freedom and diversity is to have more and better freedom of speech, using as examples China’s Orwellian censorship, Charlie Hebdo and Nigella Lawson’s court case to propose a framework for civilised conflict in a world where we are all becoming neighbours.”

My response: Free speech is an incredibly important aspect of western society, but it is constantly under threat. The debate continues today throughout all media. Here I’ve tried to depict Timothy’s three factors which potentially challenge free speech in a negative way, and in some cases, prevent free speech happening altogether…


‘Neurotribes: Thinking Smarter About Difference with Steve Silberman’

“After 70 years of research on autism, why do we still seem to know so little about it? Winner of the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non- Fiction, Neurotribes is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller that upends conventional thinking about autism and suggests a broader model for acceptance, understanding and full participation in society for people who think differently. Award-winning investigative reporter Steve Silberman’s pioneering viewpoint will change the ways we think not just about autism, but also about creativity and innovation.”

My response: This talk really opened my eyes to the true range of the Autistic spectrum. Much more than a two dimensional model, the spectrum is diverse and expands through a 3D space covering many traits, disabilities, and abilities. For me, the key message was about going beyond “awareness” and fully accepting Autism for everything that it is….


‘Generation Revolution with Rachel Aspden’

“Having lived and travelled widely in the Middle East, former New Statesman literary editor Rachel Aspden’s new book Generation Revolution, positions readers on the frontline between tradition and change in the wake of Tahrir Square and other revolutions. What happens when a revolution unravels? How do you choose between sex, tradition, consumerism and faith? Aspden looks at the complex forces shaping the lives of these young people and what they mean for the future of the Middle East.”

My response: The discussion followed a number of personal stories which created a much larger and more complex picture of modern Egypt. From the noise, the sights, and the smells of its largest cities to the regular and harsh treatment of women, this talk encompassed many thoughts and feelings that the country’s young generation are experiencing at this moment. It is a time of uncertainty for everyone involved…

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The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence

I just thought now would be a good time to release a quick update about Leslie Lawrence, since there has been a few interesting developments. Firstly, in general, I’m very pleased with how everything is progressing. On Tapastic we are now part way through Chapter Four with some very exciting episodes on the way…


Currently, I’m publishing new comics twice a week, though this may change due to the complexity of the next chapter. Yes indeed, chapter five is the most ambitious chapter so far! It will feature a few special expanded episodes, as well as wrap up some of the main storylines; including a big reveal regarding Leslie’s “international incident”…


I’ve also been experimenting with the idea of making a printed version of all the comics so far. It’s been very exciting to see how the series works in book form. Eventually, I hope to release a complete collection of all the episodes with special bonus content and other cool things. Here’s a sneaky peek at a recent test copy of the book…

Visit the Leslie Lawrence page to find out more about characters, news, and more…

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‘The Mildly Spooky Adventures of Leslie Lawrence’


Read “The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence” here…

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Leslie Lawrence: Chapter One

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“The mildly extraordinary adventures of Leslie Lawrence”


Hello internet people, I’ve just launched a brand new web comic. You can see here!

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‘Babykittens Tiny Horse is now on sale!’


Click here to purchase a copy from!

Also, to celebrate the launch of this book, I’m releasing a special full-colour edition of “Baron Von Superhero” which is available here. I’m very pleased with both of these books. “Babykittens Tiny Horse” has been a pleasure to work on for these past few months. Personally, I think it’s full of some good ideas that people will enjoy (hopefully!) And for fans of “Baron Von Superhero”, the full-colour version of is certainly worth checking out. It was originally drawn in full-colour so this really is how I intended to present this book. Sorry the full-colour version is a bit on the expensive side, but I feel it’s worth it in terms of the overall print quality.

One final announcement…

I’ve decided to stop working on books for the time being. It has been a very interesting and educational experience, and I feel like I’ve reached a happy place in terms of producing a set of stories that are fun and entertaining. (I think!) I may return to books later but for the meantime, I’d like to try out some different things, especially more web stuff. This includes filling my blog with more webcomics and short stories, as well as learning more about writing and illustrating so I have the tools necessary to “level up” to the next stage of being an arty person!

Overall, it’s all good.

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‘Babykittens Tiny Horse – Update No.2!’

I’ve just received the proof copy for my latest graphic novel, ‘Babykittens Tiny Horse.’ It looks lovely and I reckon it’s almost ready for sale! In fact, I have just decided to set an actual release date…

That’s right! I’m releasing the book on the 26th. However, in the meantime, you can learn more about the book on the “Babykittens Tiny Horse” page.

As well as the synopsis, there is a whole load of artwork to look at, so it’s worth checking out! I’ve been updating the page regularly and I’ll continue to do this for the next few weeks…

Also, before you go, here’s more stuff to look at…

These are pages from the proof copy. I’m extremely pleased with the results! Overall, I think this is a good book and I’m looking forward to sharing it with anyone who happens to be interested!

Thanks for reading 🙂

(c) 2015 – Daniel Saunders
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Babykittens Tiny Horse – Update!


I’ve just updated the ‘Babykittens Tiny Horse’ page with some new artwork. Check it out here!

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‘Barbeque @ 10 o’clock’

17th November, 1839

That gunfight in Weston got bad pretty quickly. I packed up whatever belongings I had left and made my way out into the desert with my dog. It didn’t take long for us to escape. All the remnants of the human world soon disappeared behind us as we travelled further and further into the wastelands….


After wandering around mindlessly for a few weeks, we finally got the instructions we were looking for. My dog and I had just been invited to the greatest barbeque of all time. Just a few miles away, on a distant mountain, a great feast awaited us. It sounded like a good plan, and we were keen to take up the offer…


In my heart, I knew that this would be my final journey and although I was tired, there was a part of me that didn’t want this to end. This would be the last time I felt the earth beneath my feet, the last time I breathed this air… However, on the other hand, I really wanted a hotdog. For miles Monty and I continued pacing over the warm dusty landscape. We remained in good spirits and spent many hours talking, just like old times.


We soon encountered a large man attempting to hide amongst some bushes. As you can imagine, in such a large desert, you could soon come across a number of creatures. Most of them I’m happy to ignore but I wanted to take a closer look at this fellow since he reminded me of my uncle. (Uncle Jim sure spent a lot of time with a cone on his head…) Anyway, with a bit of encouragement, we convinced the curious gentleman to step out of his hiding spot…


It seemed pretty unfair that that gigantic fellow wasn’t invited. It made me realise how grateful I should be. I imagine plenty of folks would spend a whole eternity wandering around this place without ever receiving an invite…

We soon parted ways with the giant. Monty and I kept on walking as the sun began its final descent into the horizon. I didn’t feel as talkative as before, but Monty was more than able to fill the void with his fragmented tales of misadventure. Suddenly, I felt a strange presence calling me from a nearby stream…


I’m so close to the mountain. I just need one hotdog. If I could just have one hotdog, it would make everything worthwhile. All the pain, all the hurt…. With each step, the air surrounding me became much more uneasy. It was as if my entire existence was unnatural. I didn’t belong in this world and it felt like everything was pressing against me…

Thankfully, after another hour or so, we arrived at the foot of the mountain. We weren’t too late….


We soon began to make our way up the rock face. Our pace quickened as we were both swept up by a great sense of anticipation. Even Monty was silent now as our efforts became much more focused. The smell and the smoke from the barbeque began to encompass us as we got closer and closer to the cliff edge…


Until, finally, we made it…


The End

(c) 2015 – Daniel Saunders

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