The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence


“The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence” is a webcomic which features the everyday experiences of a mysterious young fellow.

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The story takes place just after a major international incident involving Leslie. Details of this incident will be revealed throughout the series. Storylines also include; Leslie’s interactions with a number of fairly average people, his job at a local fireworks factory, and an ongoing dispute with a retail assistant at Leslie’s favourite supermarket. New comics uploaded every Tuesday and Friday.


  • Leslie Lawrence. Leslie Lawrence is a simple minded person with a mysterious past. Since an earlier international incident, he has been banned from the southern hemisphere.
  • Jade. Shop assistant who works at Leslie’s favourite supermarket. She is slowly being pushed to the breaking point by Leslie’s irritating antics. During series two, she quits the supermarket and disappears….
  • Ethel. Leslie’s boss and CEO of the local Fireworks factory. She adores Leslie.
  • Mr Supervisor. Leslie’s supervisor. He is in a constant state of anger and frustration. He is unable to understand how Leslie got his job and why Leslie seems to be flourishing despite his total incompetence. By the end of series two, Leslie outranks Mr Supervisor. However, ‘Mr Supervisor’ continues to be referred to as ‘Mr Supervisor.’
  • The Neighbour. Leslie’s neighbour. He spends a lot of time in the garden and is quite concerned by Leslie’s total disregard for normal social conventions.
  • Majbritt. Leslie’s best friend. He often meets up (unwillingly) with Leslie at a local café. Despite the party hat, Majbritt is rather troubled with many problems in his personal life.
  • Teapot People. A mysterious race of tiny people who have been trapped inside radios around the world by an evil wizard.
  • Art Students. Often hanging around outside Leslie’s house, Leslie hates them with a vengeance.
  • Leslie’s Mum. Leslie’s mum.

Other Characters

  • Work Colleagues




How will Leslie manage with living with his mum? Will romance blossom between Majbritt and Ethel? What will happen to all of the Teapot people now they’ve been lifted from their curse? How will the fireworks factory survive with Leslie behind the wheel? How will Leslie cope now that there’s an evil cult operating in his favourite supermarket? Brand new episodes continue next week!


Happy New Year! A brand new series of The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence” begins tomorrow! Visit Tapastic to see all the comics so far!


Please don’t be angry, but I’ve just changed the format for all my “Leslie Lawrence” strips. I was going to roll out the changes with the launch of “Chapter Two” next week (I’ll tell you more about that on Friday…), but I got too excited! I hope this new format is ok, it’ll certainly be more mobile friendly, which seems to be the “hip and trendy” thing to do nowadays…

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