‘Graphic Novel – Update No.1’


Hello chums.

I thought I’d just share a quick graphic novel update with everyone.  I’m making good progress so far and I’m managing to meet my weekly targets. However, the schedule is fairly relaxed at the moment since I’m using this stage of the development process to experiment a little with colour and layouts, etc. Currently I have 106 very sketchy looking pages that look a bit like this…


I’m hoping to start working on finished pages by December. I do have a few pages that look more like the first image in this post, but they are still work in progress and there’s a fair bit of tweaking to do. A lot of the dialogue needs a good deal of work too. The basic text is in place so that I understand what’s happening on each page but it needs more developing to make it flow nicely!

"My home for the next few months"

“My home for the next few months”

I hope to do more detailed updates soon which explain more specific parts of my process but its early days as yet and I’ve still got a lot to learn! Overall I’m pleased with the story, the payoffs and the character development. Also, I think there’s a nice balance of humour and action (insert sci-fi gun fight noises here.) Well, that’s it for now; let me know if you have any questions or if you wish to share some advice with me. It’s certainly been educational so far!

Thanks for reading!

About Daniel Saunders

Daniel Saunders is a Graphic Novelist and Alternative Therapist based in the UK. His humorous and thought-provoking style often explores complex themes such as life, death, creativity, justice, education, religion and politics.
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6 Responses to ‘Graphic Novel – Update No.1’

  1. frankloon says:

    We’ll be content when it is done. I mean, I’m looking forward to this!

    The thing is: We can’t rush you. It would be a bad idea too. Greatness takes time to achieve and Epicness is a lengthy process. Sure, I’m anxious to see all the new good stuff just like everyone else but I’m a patient guy (in this world? You have to be!).

    I trust that our patience will be recompensed by graphical epically done tongue-in-cheek awesomy goodness soon. I advise patience and control to the legion of fans in need of a fix.

    It will undoubtedly happen soon,

    That patient dude in need of a fix, somewhere, somehow.

    • Waldo says:

      Thanks again for your supportive comments! I will definitely be taking my time with this one, I’m hoping to have most of it complete by mid-2014. In the meantime, I will continue uploading my weekly comics (every Tuesday) so that there’s always something to look at!

      Friendly regards,
      The dude who hopes that the project will work out ok!

  2. redheadginja says:

    Love your art! Hope to read it in whole when you are done

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