Babykittens Tiny Horse


“Babykittens Tiny Horse is the latest graphic novel by Daniel Saunders. It is a comical, offbeat, and often tragic character study of a relatively normal man with a triangle-shaped head. Pain, religion, love, war, family, work, art, music, laughter, onion rings…  From the moment he’s born to the last second of his existence, can Trianglehead piece together the fragments of his time spent on Earth and realise his purpose?”

Baby Kittens Tiny Horse is a 247 page, perfect-bound, black and white A5 sized book.

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Also, to celebrate the launch of this book, I’m releasing a special full-colour edition of “Baron Von Superhero” which is available here. I’m very pleased with both of these books. “Babykittens Tiny Horse” has been a pleasure to work on for these past few months. Personally, I think it’s full of some good ideas that people will enjoy (hopefully!) And for fans of “Baron Von Superhero”, the full-colour version of is certainly worth checking out. It was originally drawn in full-colour so this really is how I intended to present this book. Sorry the full-colour version is a bit on the expensive side, but I feel it’s worth it in terms of the overall print quality.

One final announcement…

I’ve decided to stop working on books for the time being. It has been a very interesting and educational experience, and I feel like I’ve reached a happy place in terms of producing a set of stories that are fun and entertaining. (I think!) I may return to books later but for the meantime, I’d like to try out some different things, especially more web stuff. This includes filling my blog with more webcomics and short stories, as well as learning more about writing and illustrating so I have the tools necessary to “level up” to the next stage of being an arty person!

Overall, it’s all good.


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