Life and Protocols

Life and Protocols follows the adventures of a solitary worker who has spent his life inside the Robot City. After a lapse of concentration, he is banished into the Outside World. In all its glorious disorder, it’s an exciting place full of people, trees, and new ideas…

Now, hampered by a distinct lack of buttons to press, Citizen 34825 embarks on a quest to find out how to “human”.

Citizen 34825

Citizen 34825 exists within a world of simplicity and isolation. He works, eats nutritional cubes, and enjoys looking at pictures of trees. Sometimes he cries. However, everything changes when he accidently meets another human…


Deleted from the Robot City, Citizen 34825 and his new best friend, Steve, start to explore the Outside World. Despite having no experience, they’re keen to help some other humans with their idea to develop a civilisation. When Steve’s suggestion of “war” backfires, Citizen 34825 steps in to help. He knows exactly what to do!