‘Graphic Novel – Update No.2′


Hello folks, I’m still making progress! It’s all pretty darn exciting stuff. At the moment, I’m currently working as hard as Phil in the above sequence, and I’m beginning to finalise a few actual pages. There has been a gradual shift from the development stage to the “let’s finish this thing before I get bored” stage. The process has generally felt quite natural and relaxed. (I don’t feel like I’m overexerting myself!)

Of course, there are a lot of sketchy looking pages…


“A standard evening at the pub…”

However, based on current developments, I have decided to set myself a fairly serious deadline… The whole book will be inked, coloured, tweaked and ready for print by 15/04/2014!


“Potential front cover design…?”

Thanks for reading!

(One final note, all these images are still work in progress and may be subject to change.)

About Daniel Saunders

Daniel Saunders is a Graphic Novelist and Alternative Therapist based in the UK. His humorous and thought-provoking style often explores complex themes such as life, death, creativity, justice, education, religion and politics.
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11 Responses to ‘Graphic Novel – Update No.2′

  1. bighair63 says:

    OOOH! I’m looking forward to the finished product and some more teasers!

    • Waldo says:

      Awesome, thanks for the support! I’m currently looking at self-publishing options. Ideally, I would like to make the books as affordable as possible without compromising on quality… Have you ever looked into book printing and such?

  2. Awesome! I’m also (still) attempting to do a graphic novel (which, thankfully, will not include my ropey drawings), it’s slow progress though. Anyway, I shall very much look forward to hearing how you progress over the coming months!

    • Waldo says:

      I’m currently having fun with the whole process, but I imagine there will be moments of anger. Hopefully, I can keep everything under control with ice-cream… Anyway, I’m certainly looking forward to hearing updates from you, it would be awesome to grab a copy of your graphic novel some day! Have you worked out all the story and everything for it yet?

      • Most things can controlled with ice cream implementation.
        I have all of the story planned out and about a third of it scripted. The first two chapters are sketched out, but not inked/coloured etc. The guy I’m doing it with is a jobbing illustrator, so is only able to work on it when he’s not busy with work – so, in truth, our progress has been much slower than we’d expected, but hopefully 2014 will be the year all that changes. I think you’re right though, setting yourself deadlines is the way to go.

      • Waldo says:

        It’s great to hear that you have got all the book worked out, and I guess while your illustrator is busy, you can keep refining the story/characters/etc. Either way, it looks like it’s going to be a long process for the both of us, but I’m sure the results will be awesome! Also, I’m definitely up for doing a swap of some kind, a copy of my book for a copy of yours, if you’re interested? 🙂

  3. …love that cover design…it’s got my vote…

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